Yatzy Transforms Into A Magical Game When Played At Bwin, Where Quality Reigns Supreme!

The first impression upon visiting Bwin, the largest online gaming portal, is one of disbelief and surprise. These feelings come from viewing the number of games on offer there. In fact, this top-rated website evokes a feeling of excitement when we see such extravagance for the first time.

There are different categories concealing different games. They have also recently introduced a skill section, where the game of 'yatzy' resides. Even if you've played at several online casinos, you may not have seen this game everywhere. You would find it at very places online and Bwin is without doubt the best.

Yatzy is a board game played with dice and the name itself sounds fairy tale like. This game invented by the Canadian couple in the 1950s is totally unpredictable. It is this unpredictability that keeps players on the edge all the time when playing it. The total game and the scores of the players are dependant on the results the dice bring back, leaving nothing in the players? hands. The goal of the game is get the maximum points with different dice combinations. Whoever gets the best score is the winner.

One of the reasons why online yatzy has become popular at Bwin, is because the casino lets players of all levels play the game. Even those who can only play with small betting amounts stand a great chance at winning the jackpots. A bet of EUR 1 can return EUR 600 jackpot.

Another interesting aspect of playing yatzy at Bwin is that there is very little competition. Every game of yatzy comes with a restriction of the number of people, which is very low, leaving players with greater chance of winning. If you have EUR 1, you can play right away and bring back big money.