How to Spot a Bad South African Online Casino

Unfortunately, there are many online casinos that look like reputed places, but actually exploit inexperienced players, giving other good online casinos a bad name.  But luckily, there are some characteristics that all bad casinos share, which you can use to quickly spot whether a casino is trustworthy or completely the opposite.  You can find a good list at

#1 Bad Bonus Terms

Casinos can be very generous with their bonus offers, which is why they normally set a number of terms to protect themselves from being abused by players. These terms will normally involve a playthrough requirement, but also other restrictions related to the withdrawal amount and time of meeting your requirement.
Most casinos offer playthrough requirements somewhere along the 35x mark. However, some casinos will go way beyond this number and into very unfair territory.  Also, if the casino asks you to fulfill these requirements terms absurdly fast, or has a whole host of unfair limitations on them, this is usually a sign of a fraudulent casino.

#2 Ridiculous Withdrawal Terms

Another telltale sign of a bad casino is the withdrawal terms and conditions. Most new players only bother with withdrawal terms after they’ve made some cash, but this can be too late when you’re playing at a bad casino. Ridiculous withdrawal terms are terms that put unbelievable restrictions and limitations on your withdrawals. Normally, all casinos will have rules regarding how much can you withdraw in a day or how long the withdrawal will take, but some will push those rules very far. If you see a casino that has small daily withdrawal limits, excessive fees, long processing time, and rules stating that you have to wager a large sum of money before withdrawing anything, you should look for a different casino.

#3 No Licensing Information

A casino’s license is its guarantee that your playing will remain protected and enjoyable. Casino licenses are only awarded to casinos that can prove their fairness, have enough financial backup and use high standards of player security and responsible gaming.

This is why every casino displays its license on the main page, to ensure that players will known they are a trustworthy place. But if the licensing information is nowhere to be found, this is a failsafe proof of a shady or “rogue” casino.

#4 No Clear Customer Service Details

If a casino avoids being contacted by hiding their support details, it’s most definitely a bad casino. The customer service is your channel for anything you need, from receiving bonuses to withdrawal problems and delays.

If you can’t find clear details on how to get in touch with the customer service, you will be risking any money you deposit in the casino.

#5 Google “Casino name + Reputation”

And finally, adding the word “reputation” or “rogue” to your Google search is one of the most practical ways of finding out how good a casino is. If the search returns pages with scam alarms or too many player complaints, avoid signing up at that casino at all costs.